Homosexual MoMo No Yu 9 – Cardcaptor Sakura

Homosexual MoMo No Yu 9 - Cardcaptor Sakura

after they had worked up a sweat the women walked over to the wall, lisa samantha and sky cuffed themselves to the wall, thier hands stretched high above the lisa was on the end next to her was sky then samantha, kim knelt infront of samantha, jen infront of sky and michelle infront of lisa, the three younger women all had butt plugs in thier asses, on thier knees they began to finger and lick the the pussy of the women chained up infront of them, when all three women had cum the three on thier knees moved down a person and started to lick and finger them again, they kept going until the chained women came again, a third time the girls moved down a place,this time kim was eating her mothers cunt, no one seemed to care at all, and kim loved the taste of her mothers sweet pussy. Hot link samantha placed a hand on each girl tit and slowly rubbed them, they all talked laughed and kissed, lisa and kim stood at the doorway, with lisa slightly behind, kim watching thier friends becoming more intamate, as they did lisa put her hand down under kims ass to her pussy and pushed her finger inside and began to slowly pleasure her daughter, kim breathed heavily as she felt her mothers finger pumping inside her, no one had noticed and kim wasnt sure how they would react to a mother figering her daughter, but she threw caution to the wind, turned to face lisa kissed her and rubbed her pussy, the three other women looked on getting turned on by what they saw, soon the thre were kissing and rubbing each others cunts too, the door bell rang again, and again kim and lisa went to answer it, sky was greeted by the naked mother daughter team, kim had a hand on lisas massive tit, using her finger to circle lisas nipple, lisa introduced sky to kim, the pair shared a long passionate kiss, then as before kim led sky into the living room, sky unbuttoned her coat to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneathe, kim took sky by the hand and pulled her onto the coach with the other women, lisa watched as the five women kissed fondeled each other drank wine and laughed, all were very relaxed and happy to do anything with one another.

Hentai: (C55) [MoMo no Yu (Himuro Serika)] MoMo no Yu 9 (Card Captor Sakura)

MoMo no Yu 9 1MoMo no Yu 9 2MoMo no Yu 9 3MoMo no Yu 9 4MoMo no Yu 9 5MoMo no Yu 9 6MoMo no Yu 9 7MoMo no Yu 9 8MoMo no Yu 9 9MoMo no Yu 9 10MoMo no Yu 9 11MoMo no Yu 9 12MoMo no Yu 9 13MoMo no Yu 9 14MoMo no Yu 9 15MoMo no Yu 9 16MoMo no Yu 9 17MoMo no Yu 9 18MoMo no Yu 9 19MoMo no Yu 9 20MoMo no Yu 9 21MoMo no Yu 9 22MoMo no Yu 9 23MoMo no Yu 9 24MoMo no Yu 9 25MoMo no Yu 9 26MoMo no Yu 9 27MoMo no Yu 9 28MoMo no Yu 9 29MoMo no Yu 9 30MoMo no Yu 9 31MoMo no Yu 9 32MoMo no Yu 9 33MoMo no Yu 9 34MoMo no Yu 9 35MoMo no Yu 9 36MoMo no Yu 9 37MoMo no Yu 9 38MoMo no Yu 9 39MoMo no Yu 9 40MoMo no Yu 9 41MoMo no Yu 9 42MoMo no Yu 9 43MoMo no Yu 9 44MoMo no Yu 9 45MoMo no Yu 9 46MoMo no Yu 9 47MoMo no Yu 9 48MoMo no Yu 9 49MoMo no Yu 9 50MoMo no Yu 9 51MoMo no Yu 9 52MoMo no Yu 9 53MoMo no Yu 9 54MoMo no Yu 9 55MoMo no Yu 9 56MoMo no Yu 9 57MoMo no Yu 9 58MoMo no Yu 9 59MoMo no Yu 9 60MoMo no Yu 9 61MoMo no Yu 9 62MoMo no Yu 9 63MoMo no Yu 9 64MoMo no Yu 9 65MoMo no Yu 9 66MoMo no Yu 9 67MoMo no Yu 9 68MoMo no Yu 9 69MoMo no Yu 9 70MoMo no Yu 9 71MoMo no Yu 9 72MoMo no Yu 9 73MoMo no Yu 9 74MoMo no Yu 9 75MoMo no Yu 9 76MoMo no Yu 9 77MoMo no Yu 9 78MoMo no Yu 9 79MoMo no Yu 9 80

(C55) [ももの湯 (氷室芹夏)]ももの湯 9(カードキャプターさくら)

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